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Here’s how we work with you to
produce a typical newsletter will work closely with you to develop a newsletter that you’ll be proud to send out.

The following will give you an idea of all the steps involved in publishing a typical company newsletter. For example, say you just hired us to write and produce a printed newsletter for your business.

First, we’d talk with you to learn what goals and objectives you want to achieve with your newsletter.

Then we’d work with you to carefully develop a story outline for your newsletter. Along with each story idea, we’d ask you for the names and phone numbers of any appropriate contact people who we could call, interview and possibly quote in each article.

For instance, if we were doing an article about a new pension plan in an employee newsletter, we would want to call and interview your company’s pension specialist. We would probably want to get some comments from your company’s human resources manager, too.

Likewise, if we were writing a customer profile article for a sales newsletter, we’d ask for the name and number of one of your satisfied customers, as well as your company’s sales person who handled the account.

Once all of the sources have been interviewed and the background information had been gathered, we’d write the articles, and send them to you to review and approve.

Once we receive your revisions and approval, we’d insert the articles into a layout that had been custom designed for you, according to your preferences and specifications.

We’d also add appropriate illustrations, photos or graphics to enhance your newsletter’s design, including any photos that you submit to us.

We’d then e-mail you a PDF file of your newsletter layout and ask you to review and approve a draft copy of the newsletter.

We’d ask you to review all of the articles, as well as the newsletter’s overall design and layout. If the articles or design and layout were not exactly what you had in mind, we’d happily make revisions until you were totally satisfied.

You would then be asked to approve a final draft copy of the newsletter. Once that happened, we’d send your publication to the printing press and either ship the final printed newsletters to you or mail them directly to your readers.

E-mail and Internet newsletters are produced in much the same way, except instead of sending your newsletter to be printed, we’d e-mail your newsletter’s files directly to your Web master to upload to your company’s Web site. And if you preferred, we’d create a broadcast e-mail to send out to your readers to announce the new issue of your newsletter.