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Electronic newsletter services can create several types of electronic newsletters for your company: PDF, website/HTML, email and hybrid publications. These electronic newsletters, or e-newsletters, are substantially less expensive than printed newsletters because you don’t have to pay for printing, postage or shipping costs. Plus production turnaround time is much quicker, so readers will have more timely access to your online newsletter.

Here’s an overview of the different types of electronic newsletters we can produce for you:

This is an example of a PDF employee newsletter we created for a Chicago hospital.

This is an example of a PDF employee newsletter we created for a Chicago hospital.

PDF newsletters

PDF newsletters, which are downloaded and viewed in apps such as Adobe Reader, are the most popular type of electronic newsletter that we produce for clients. PDF newsletters are in demand because they have few design limitations, unlike other forms of electronic newsletters, and they can be designed to look and print exactly like traditional printed newsletters. Because they print out the best of any type of e-newsletter, PDF newsletters are the perfect format if you want to have both an electronic and printed version of your newsletter, or if you think a portion of your readers will print the newsletter and read it offline. PDF newsletters are also popular because they can easily be posted for download on virtually any website, and they can be sent as an email attachment. See more about PDF newsletters. can also create your PDF newsletter with interactive links inserted, so readers can click on website and email addresses, page continuations and even links to videos that are referenced in your electronic newsletter, and then they’ll be taken to those destinations automatically.

This is a website e-newsletter sample cover page created by

This is a website e-newsletter sample cover page created by

Website/HTML electronic newsletters can also create website/HTML newsletters in which readers view your electronic newsletter and its articles on your company’s website using their Internet browser. Typically, each issue of your newsletter is made up of a series of web pages packaged and linked together with each article on its own page – much like how online newspaper websites work.

A website/HTML newsletter (see a sample) is an ideal format when you believe the majority of your audience will read the publication onscreen and online, as opposed to printing it out. And because a website newsletter adds valuable content to your website, which search engines will index, it will also attract new visitors (and potential customers) to your company website. is one of the only companies that specializes in creating this type of website newsletter. And because we design the pages in a basic Internet language called HTML, it is compatible with most (but not all) types of websites.

Most clients who have a website newsletter also have us send it out as an email newsletter. For more details, see hybrid electronic newsletters below.

E-mail newsletters

Email newsletters are the most well-known type of e-newsletter, and publishes those as well. Email newsletters, in which all of the articles are contained in AN email, work best when you have a brief newsletter because everything has to be contained on one page. (For larger newsletters with lots of content, see our hybrid e-newsletters below.) can create custom email newsletters that contain not only articles, but graphics and photos, as well. We can also distribute your email newsletter to your readers and give you detailed statistics, such as how many people opened the email, how many people clicked on each link, etc. We also offer automatic bounce management, and subscribe/unsubscribe features to make the ongoing maintenance of your emailing list a breeze.

One of the pitfalls of all email newsletters is that they sometimes are mistakenly filtered as spam by the recipients’ email systems. However, we specialize in sending out email newsletters that are less likely to be tagged as spam. And for improved delivery rates, if needed, we can create the email newsletter so it can be sent from the client’s company email system rather than through a bulk email server.

Hybrid Electronic newsletters

A hybrid electronic newsletter is a combination website/HTML newsletter and an email newsletter. It combines the best of both formats and is ideal when customers have a medium to large newsletter, with lots of content. Basically, we create a website newsletter for the client, have it posted on the client’s website, and then we send out the cover page of each new issue to readers via an email. The emailed cover page has a description and links to each article in the newsletter, and when readers click on an article link, the website version of the newsletter opens in the readers browser.

As far as we know, is the only company that specializes in this type of hybrid e-newsletter that is both hosted on the client’s website and sent out as an email newsletter.

Learn more about hybrid newsletters by reading Don’t settle for publishing just an e-mail newsletter.

Choosing the best type of newsletter for you
For more details on the benefits and disadvantages of each type of e-newsletter mentioned above, and which one is right for you, please see How to know what type of electronic newsletter to publish.

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