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Printed newsletter services

Hong Kong Digest uses the latest computer technology for both the design and printing of its client’s publications.

At, we specialize in designing highly efficient newsletter layouts that look professional, yet are cost effective. We do this by maximizing the available space in the layout — so there is no wasted space within the layout. This allows us to fit as much content as possible on each page, and it keeps our clients’ printing costs down.

For instance, new clients who originally think they need a six-page newsletter, often are amazed to find that we can fit everything into a four-page newsletter, and that keeps their printing costs lower. And best of all, the client still gets an eye-catching newsletter design that is clean and easy to read, and does not look cluttered.

We use the latest technology
At, we design and print our clients’ newsletters using the latest computer technology. We use the same design, layout and graphics software that many of the nation’s most popular magazines and daily newspapers use.

Hong Kong Digest will also give you an electronic “PDF” version of your newsletter for no extra charge.

We also incorporate the latest computer technology for the printing of your newsletter. This translates into higher-resolution, magazine-quality printing that many other print shops cannot equal.

And once your newsletter is printed, we offer complete mailing services. You can simply e-mail us your mailing list in a common format, such as a Microsoft Excel file, and we’ll address, sort and mail out all your newsletters to your readers. We can send them out as first class mail or, to reduce your postage costs, standard/bulk rate mail.

Free electronic version of your newsletter
As an added bonus, with each printed newsletter we produce for you, we’ll also give you an electronic “PDF” version of your newsletter for no extra charge. This is a complete electronic version of your newsletter, which is suitable for e-mailing to others or it can be placed on your website, so people can download an electronic version of your newsletter.

Learn more about our prices to create your newsletter.

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